As of 5:23 Am PST, Friday 13 April 2012, the war to end my masturbation addiction is in effect.

I resolve not to masturbate until [at least] the last day of summer 2012.

Who: Me

What: Not manually stimulate my penis, or intentionally arouse it with friction in any way. Nocturnal emissions resulting from masturbation during sleep (i.e. as part of a dream when I an fully unconscious) do not count.

Where: Everywhere! Especially on the internet, and in the shower.

When: Now until the end of summer 2012, at least!

How: Just [don’t] do it!!!

Why: Because I ruined my life with this masturbation addiction; it causes my to have a more shallow breathing capacity (including inability to run or do yoga effectively), increased social anxiety and shyness, indolence, apathy, procrastination, slower progress in bodybuilding, lower physical and metaphysical energy, sluggish cognitive tempo, pains in wrists, forearms, hands, scrotum and pubic area, delayed sleep phase disorder, internet addiction as a correlate, and wasted time I will never get back. It has a negative impact on all areas of my life, and it is in the best interest of the universe that I break the habit so that I may live my dreams instead of self medicating.

I knew for aeons the benefits of abstaining from masturbation, as researched and personally experienced during my most recent withdrawls, the longest of which was 18 days in September 2011. Yet I continued to relapse into the habit of wanking 3 or more times per day on average, and failed to exercise will power on a consistent basis. The purpose of this blog is to track my progress towards completing my goal and share my experiences along this journey, after which I will declare myself recovered completely. I will also discuss the philosophy and psychology of masturbation addiction and everything related, especially the emptiness I feel because I lack physical contact with women; the want of cuddling is the hole I filled with masturbation addiction, but by masturbating, I dig myself deep down in a hole further and further away from being able to enjoy cuddling with a woman once again.


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